Detailed Instructions

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To Select your Niche(s) Location:

  1. If it is not convenient for you to visit the Memorial Garden, review the photographs of the Columbarium and the Niche Selection Chart on this web site to familiarize yourself with the layout of the Garden.
  2. To select a WALL (lettered A-G), go to the Niche Selection Chart, place your cursor on the WALL you would like to view and click your mouse. You will be taken to a chart showing a block for every niche in that wall.
  3. To select a COLUMN (numbered from Column 1 on the left through the wall's last column on the right), scroll from left to right to see which column you prefer.
  4. To select a ROW (six rows are lettered A-F from top to bottom), scroll vertically on the column.
  5. Any niche(s) without names in the block are available for purchase.
  6. When you have made your selection, transfer the Wall, Column and Row to both your Application Form and your Niche Inscription Form.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Every effort is made to keep the Niche Selection Charts on this web site up to date. However, the Master Record maintained by the Columbarium Committee is the final determinant of which niches are available. In the unlikely event that the niche(s) you select has been previously purchased, you will be contacted to assist you in choosing an alternate location.